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Randolph is served by 122 full-time and 49 part-time employees spread over numerous departments, divisions, bureaus, and offices. Further, approximately 160 emergency volunteers support the rescue squad and four volunteer fire companies.

Randolph’s council-manager form of government has been in operation since 1969. In 1968, local voters approved the recommendation of a special charter study commission by public referendum that provided for modernization in Randolph Township’s form of local government. This change brought about Randolph’s present council-manager form.

The distinctive feature of this form of government is the strict separation between legislative and administrative functions. As a result, administrative responsibilities are vested in a full-time Township Manager while the Township Council is responsible for all legislative matters.

Randolph Township enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a highly desirable community in which to live. Much of our success results from a team effort that includes our citizens and truly does make the township a great place to reside and grow a business. 

The Randolph Township municipal organization strives to make the Township of Randolph the best it can be by providing effective governance, enhanced customer services, and excellent community facilities.

At a Glance

Municipal Government


Township Employees


Member Council 



Township Council

Randolph’s council-manager form of government calls for the partisan, at-large election of seven Township Council members, from whom the elected body selects one of its members to serve as mayor each year.

The council represents the public and develops and adopts policies, resolves public issues, formulates township policy through motions, resolutions, and ordinances which reflect the needs of the public, and maintains a working knowledge of intergovernmental issues and how they will affect the Township of Randolph. Twelve separate advisory boards and committees assist policy formulation of the council.

The Township Council is similar to a corporate board of directors and is assisted by the Township Attorney, who prepares ordinances and advises on legal issues, the Township Clerk, who prepares resolutions, and the Township Manager, who functions much like the CEO of a corporation.  Learn More -> 


Township Manager

As prescribed by Randolph’s council-manager form of government, the Township Manager serves as both the chief executive and chief administrative officer of the Township. The Manager oversees all municipal departments, coordinates the day-to-day operations of the community, and carries out the policies as set by the elected Township Council.

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Clerk’s Office

The office of the Township Clerk, staffed by a Municipal Clerk, a Deputy Clerk, and support personnel, serves three broad functions within the municipality:

  1. Serves as secretary to the Township Council
  2. Coordinates General, Local, and Board of Education elections
  3. Issues a variety of local licenses and permits
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Planning and Zoning

The Randolph Township Division of Planning/Zoning Administration/GIS (Geographical Information Systems) is staffed by a Planning & Zoning Administrator and a Zoning Officer. This division administers all matters with regard to Township land use and planning activities. Planning activities, overseen by the Planning & Zoning Administrator include:

  1. Advising on the completeness of applications pending before both boards
  2. Interfacing with consulting engineers and planners employed by the Township council and both boards
  3. Supervising the development and maintenance of the GIS system
  4. Administering the tree protection and replacement ordinance
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Construction Codes

The Randolph Township Office of Construction Codes, commonly referred to as the building department, administers and enforces the provisions of New Jersey’s Uniform Construction Code, the state’s approved building, plumbing, electrical and fire sub codes, and any local ordinances which govern construction activities.

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The Randolph Township Division of Engineering maintains all technical records related to Township-owned and operated property, facilities, and utility infrastructure.

Division professionals, under the direction of the Township Engineer, provide planning and technical oversight related to improvements and other work performed relative to the Township’s roadways, water, and sewer networks, as well as the Township’s parks and trails.

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The Township provides a wide variety of health-related services including public health nursing services, environmental health activities, animal control, vital statistics maintenance and curbside garbage collection through the department of health and construction codes. These services originate from what is commonly referred to as the Health Department which is headed by a licensed health officer who collaborates with a variety of county and state agencies in an effort to keep the community as safe as possible.

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Public Works

The Randolph Township Department of Public Works, overseen by the director of public works, provides a variety of services through the division of public roads, vehicle maintenance & recycling and the division of sewer & water.

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The Randolph Township Department of Finance is overseen by the chief financial officer (CFO) and provides for the coordination of all the Township’s fiscal operations. It controls budgetary expenditures, administers the Township’s debt and cash management programs, prepares year-end financial statements and makes recommendations to the Township manager and Township council with regard to financial policy.

The Township’s excellent financial management practices and fiscal responsibility are reflected in its “AAA” bond rating from Standard and Poor’s and “Aaa” bond rating from Moody’s.

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Parks and Recreation

The Randolph Township Department of Parks and Recreation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of family life, the feeling of neighborliness and the sense of community throughout the Township for a diverse and growing population. With that in mind, it provides a wide range of leisure activities and facilities for Township residents of all ages as well as a series of programs and support to senior citizens, handicapped adults and others requiring special assistance.

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Sewer and Water

The Randolph Township Division of Sewer and Water conducts maintenance operations of the Township’s sewer and water networks through the Randolph Township Division of Engineering.

Reporting to and supervised by the Engineering/Water and Sewer Administrator, the division works to ensure that safe drinking water and reliable waste collection are provided to those residents who are customers of these systems. Water quality is of paramount concern and the system is continually monitored with water samples submitted to an independent laboratory for purity testing on a daily basis. Residents are encouraged to review our annual Consumer Confidence Report which notes that Township-supplied water surpasses all federal and state drinking water standards.

The division also recognizes water is an important resource and conservation efforts are maximized through an aggressive leak detection program for Township water mains. The Township is proud to report that water loss across the system remains at levels far below established standards.

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Within the finance department are the following divisions: Assessments, Tax Collection & Treasurer, and Water & Sewer.

Division of Assessments

Headed by a certified Tax Assessor, this division is responsible for the valuation of all real property in the Township for taxation purposes and maintaining assessment records for each property. It is this valuation that is the index upon which all tax revenue, state aid, and equalized expenses are derived. For more information regarding property assessments and/or appeals in Morris County, please visit the Morris County Board of Taxation website.

Division of Tax Collection & Treasurer

This division works closely with the Tax Assessor and is headed by a certified Tax Collector who prepares tax bills, maintains an accounting of all tax collections, and enforces the collection of delinquent taxes through foreclosure of municipal tax liens and municipal tax sales.

The Township’s Tax Collector and Assessor have put together a (link below) to address the most frequently asked questions about property taxes in the Township.

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Division of Water & Sewer

The Tax Collector oversees all financial activities associated with the Township’s water and sewer enterprises. It is responsible for preparing and processing quarterly service charges and maintaining records of water consumption and sewage system usage. The division presently manages approximately 5,600 water accounts and over 3,800 sewer accounts.

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