Morris County Economic Development Corporation launches Virtual Main Street Storefront

The Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) in partnership with the Hispanic Affairs Council, a forum within the Morris County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), has collaborated to develop a virtual Main Street Storefront to aid small business owners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses that sign up for the virtual Main Street Storefront will be featured on a virtual directory that showcases a variety of retail establishment categories such as dining, clothing, toys, salons, pets, and more. The directory will feature logos with live links that will take shoppers directly to business websites.

Stores with an existing e-commerce platform can become part of a virtual storefront. Stores without an existing e-commerce platform can work with LW&H Business Solutions, a partner of the MCEDC, to create an e-commerce microsite that can fit their needs. The MCEDC is additionally providing technical grants to four vendors to aid with the creation of an e-commerce platform.

Participating businesses are required to pay an administrative fee for the placement of their business on the virtual storefront. This fee will be applied towards website maintenance and funding for additional programs and services that benefit Morris County’s small business community. The admin fee for 1-year placement on the virtual Main Street is $295; the fee for members of the MCEDC or the MCCC is $150. For more information about the MCEDC virtual Main Street Storefront visit