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Randolph is committed to helping new businesses succeed by connecting them with important tools and information. It’s no secret that growing a successful business is a combination of hard work, good planning, trained employees and access to the right resources.

Randolph’s location, highly skilled workforce, education system, business-friendly climate and infrastructure contribute to why industry and transportation choose Randolph. Randolph is home to numerous smaller niche manufacturing operations that provide mechanical and electronic components for the aerospace, medical, industrial and marine industries.

We have a variety of properties available including Class A, B, and C office space as well prime retail locations along major corridors. 

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The Randolph Township Division of Planning/Zoning Administration/GIS (Geographical Information Systems), within the Randolph Township Office of the Manager, is staffed by a planning & zoning administrator and a zoning officer, this division administers all matters with regard to Township land use and planning activities.