Why Randolph?

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Randolph is the 3rd largest Township within Morris County.  Resting in the heart of northern New Jersey, our 21 square mile boundary is home to a diverse population of just under 26,000 residents.

#1 in Morris County

In the 2013 Coldwell Banker edition of, “Best Places to Live in New Jersey for Booming Suburbs.” Randolph was the number one ranked town in Morris County and fourth overall in the state. Some of the factors considered in selecting the best suburbs included job growth, high percentage of home ownership, good schools, access to local shopping and community safety.

Access to Major Corridors

With access to major interstates 287and 80 and popular north NJ routes, 10 and 46, our location creates opportunities for wide market access, and a multitude of economic opportunities. 


The Township has a modern and well maintained infrastructure network including natural gas, sanitary sewer system, and telecommunications including fiber-optic connections. The average internet download speed in Randolph is 53.11 Mbps, which is 24.1% faster than the national average. 

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Homes & Community

With an overall A+ Grade from Niche and the title of being amongst the Top 50 Best Places to Live in NJ, here you will find excellent education, beautiful parks, a bustling workforce, and an economy that will continue to grow!

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Randolph Township is the 8th largest municipality within Morris County. With access to major interstates 287and 80 and popular north NJ routes, 10 and 46, as well as major transportation hubs, our location creates opportunities for wide market access, and a multitude of economic opportunities.

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Randolph Township is home to high caliber educational institutions and work force development opportunities. Our excellent primary and secondary schools is a draw for many residents settling within the Township.

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Our scenic trails, beautifully planned parks, and various recreation events provide residents and visitors with the opportunity to partake in some of the best community events Randolph has to offer. Residing in the heart of the county you will also have access to some of the larger recreation programs and parks.

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Workforce Development

Here in Randolph you will find valuable work force development resources to fuel the growth of your employees’ skills and knowledge. The Township is home to several workforce development centers including CCM. 

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Rich History.Vibrant Future.

The earliest known inhabitants of what is now known as Randolph were the Minsi of the Lenni Lenape group of Native Americans. The Minsi established three villages along the route of the Minisink Trail through the Township. John Jackson, a Quaker, built the first iron forge in the 1720s.  As local iron mining proliferated and additional forges were established more Quakers would settle into the area including Jackson’s brother-in-law Hartshorne Fitz-Randolph for who the Township would later be named.

Iron from the forges would provide the raw materials to create weapons and supplies used by the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. The Randolph area was also used as a supply point for George Washington’s army during their winter encampment in nearby Jockey Hollow.

On January 1st, 1806, Randolph was incorporated as a Township by an act of New Jersey Legislature. For much of the 1800’s the Township was characterized by its mining, iron works, and farming.  From the early 20th century until the 1960s, the Township would thrive as a vacation haven for residents of urban areas, most particularly, New York City and Brooklyn who were attracted to the clean air and healthful water.  At its peak, the Township was home to 11 hotels, 45 bungalow colonies, summer camps, and swim clubs hosting upwards of 10,000 visitors annually.

In the last several decades Randolph has developed into a modern suburban community with many residents commuting to Manhattan and corporate parks across north and central New Jersey.

Historical Society of Old Randolph

Preserving Local History Since 1979

The HSOR, is a non-profit organization formed in 1979. Comprised by volunteer members the HSOR’s mission is to promote and preserve the unique heritage of Randolph Township. Meetings are held each month to plan activities, discuss projects, and share stories about Randolph’s past. 

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