CCM Launches Data Science Certificate Program

            On Tuesday, April 14th, the County College of Morris (CCM) received a $235,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support the launch of the college’s Data Science Certificate program. The data analytics certificate requires the completion of 15 credits in two semesters and will enable students to learn R, PYTHON, TABLEAU, and SQL data programming.

The program was created to develop and meet the demands of the growing data science job sector, which was projected by the U.S Department of Labor in 2018 to experience a 34 percent employment increase by 2026. 

The Assistant Professor of Mathematics at CCM, Kelly Fitzpatrick, will be spearheading this initiative to provide a pathway for Morris County residents to enter data science careers. Utilizing Fitzpatrick’s experience in hedge fund management, equity strategy, and global risk management, the CCM staff plans to make the certificate program informative and relevant to present applications of data science and employers’ needs.

In addition to the grant funding for the certificate program, the NSF grant includes funding to support the Women in STEM club at the college, networking and supplemental learning activities for students in the program and professional development opportunities for faculty.

For more information about the County College of Morris Data Science Certificate program visit or call 973-328-5000.

CCM Launches Data Science Certificate Program — Fast Growing Job Sector